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The 2-day version of "Marketing Genius Live" is now available for events around the world. It is a high energy fusion of all the latest insights and ideas, challenges and case studies from the world of marketing. An example agenda follows:

Day 1.
Seeing things differently. Doing extraordinary things

0900 – 1030 Track 1: Market strategy from the “outside in”

  • Identifying the best opportunities in fast changing markets
  • Choosing where and how to compete for best results
  • Strategies for significant and sustainable growth
  • Learn how Yahoo plans to win in a Google world
  • Explore Coca Cola’s growth maps and Nike’s market-shaping strategies
  • Embrace the techniques of Market Mapping and Horizon Planning

1100 – 1230 Track 2: Customer insights that redefine markets

  • Exploring what matters to customers, and what really energises them
  • Reframing your world from customer and competitive perspectives
  • Tapping into the latest ideas and insights from
  • Learn from P&G’s new bootcamp approach to customer insight
  • Explore how M&S rethought its business and Toyota redefined its priorities
  • Embrace the techniques of Customer Immersion and Energy Pyramids

1330 – 1500 Track 3: Green propositions that embrace ethics and environment

  • Understanding the wide range of “green” issues and their implications
  • Considering how you can do the right thing and deliver superior performance
  • Developing new propositions and solutions engage conscience consumers
  • Learn from Innocent’s success in creating “Tasty Little Drinks”
  • Explore Bono’s (RED) business model and GE’s ecomagination
  • Embrace the techniques of Value Propositions and Green Prints

1530 – 1730 Track 4: Engaging experiences delivered on customers’ terms

  • Redefining what, where and how you do business on customer terms
  • Engaging customers through experiential theatre, personal and memorable
  • Building relationships through social media and customer communities
  • Learn from MySpace’s impact on youth and HP HyPe Galleries on designers.
  • Explore new approaches to web 2.0 marketing – blogs, wikis and communities.
  • Embrace the techniques of Power Profiling and Channel Fusion

Day 2.
Driving the business. Delivering exceptional results

0900 – 1030 Track 5: Building brands that capture your big idea

  • Building brands around customer aspirations not business capabilities
  • Articulating brands in more compelling customer-driven narratives and stories
  • Engaging the whole business through customer and employee propositions
  • Consider Maurice Saatchi’s “one word equity” and Kevin Roberts “Lovemarks”
  • Decide who you would back in a fast changing market –Coke or Pepsi?
  • Embrace the techniques of Brand Scanning and Customer Scripts

1100 – 1230 Track 6: Business innovation designed from the “future back”

  • Rethinking your world from the future back, then connecting now forward
  • Applying creativity and innovation at concept, market and product levels
  • Managing innovation creatively, accelerating business rhythm and speed
  • Explore the implications of Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail” for today’s markets
  • Compare Apple and Microsoft’s approaches to market-driven innovation
  • Embrace the techniques of Future Radar and Market Disruption

1330 – 1500 Track 7: Delivering results for customers and shareholders

  • Developing the right set of marketing metrics to demonstrate your ROI
  • Articulating the value of marketing – its impact on revenue, profit, and value.
  • Consider the “invisible business” where brand and relationship assets dominate
  • Explore the difference that Jim Stengel’s accountability drive has made to P&G
  • Learn how Tesco ensure that customers not finance drive the boardroom agenda
  • Embrace the techniques of Marketing Metrics and Customer Capital

1530 – 1730 Track 8: Inspiring leadership that engages the whole business

  • A new role for marketers – championing customers, innovation and growth.
  • Considering how to balance leadership and management in more inspiring ways
  • Why the effective CMO is the right person to be the next CEO
  • Learn the secrets of the world’s 25 most inspirational marketing leaders
  • Consider the job description of the Genius Marketer and what it means for you
  • Evaluate what you should do next with the CMO Profiler

Leave ready to switch on both your left and right brain, think from the outside in, and the future back, in order to deliver profitable returns today and tomorrow!

 © Peter Fisk 2008

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