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Marketing Genius is stretching in its challenge to marketers, but also highly practical in how they can apply their marketing in more intelligent and creative ways. A number of tools are essential and new.

New tools for more intelligent marketing
1.       Market Mapping – identifying the macro-market landscape, the hot spots and cool places, the black holes and whitespaces. (For an example of applying this tool to Apple and its adjacent markets, see Genius Markets, or contact The Foundation).
2.       Market Strategy – defining where and how to compete, which existing and new markets to focus on, and how to be different. (This puts marketers at the heart of business strategy, and is different from the more conventional marketing strategy).
3.       Brand Genes – identifying the unique culture and differences that your business possesses, assembling them in relevant ways for each audience. (See Genius Brands for examples of how companies have combined genius to form disctinctive capabilities).

New tools for more creative marketing

1.       Reverse Marketing – doing business on customer terms – rethinking channels and communications, products and pricing where, how and when they want.(See Brand Concept for examples of applying this to Customer Power).

2.       Memic Messaging – finding the memory patterns that lodge your brands in consumer brains for longer, with faster retrieval and more influence. (Imagine the most catchy pop song and how you can build memetics into your communication platforms).

3.       Concept Innovation – moving beyond product development, to redefine the purpose of your brand, and the applications of your products. (Think about GE from engineering to information, or BT offering call centre outsourcing).


New tools for more successful marketing

1.       Customer Capital – articulating the real value created by marketing, the future cashflows generated by current and future customers. For more information on how to value your marketing impact download PDF about Customer Capital.

2.       Business Reporting – making brands and marketing the first item on the investors’ mind, the annual report and therefore the boardroom agenda.(The new OFR requirments for UK annual reports began on 1 April 2005, with new opportunities for marketing reporting. (See more about Customer Capital)

3.       Brand Leadership – recognising that leadership is not management, that leaders inspire followers, creating the vision and confidence to succeed. We also evaluate how marketers make the best CEOs (21% of FTSE CEOs are marketers, and their companies on average deliver 5.9% superior returns to sharholders).

More genius tools ...

From affinity marketing like  Capital One to the customer communities of Huggies, from Intel’s ingredient branding to Hotmail’s viral communication, Marketing Genius describes a wide range of conventional and contemporary tools and how to apply them.

To read about the best 50 Genius Tools, buy a copy of the book or read about some of the people who use them, and the challenges they overcame or how you can develop your own genius brand.

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